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Fly regularly but don’t want the hassle associated with owning a private jet? Our Paper Airplane Inc. private jet leasing solutions allow you to enjoy the flexibility of having an aircraft available 24/7, without the initial capital outlay or extra commitments that come with buying your own jet.

We’re experienced in arranging short and long term leases for a range of budgets, sourcing the ideal aircraft for each client’s requirements and offering the convenience of guaranteed monthly rates for the term of your lease.

Experience: Our expert team has been arranging jet leases for companies and private individuals around the world for decades.

Available 24/7: Your dedicated account manager is on-call 365 days a year, meaning we can have your aircraft ready to go at short notice.

Global Coverage: With an international network, we can provide local knowledge on a global scale.

Range of Aircraft: We’ll use our elite contacts, combined with our Marketing Team’s Intel and leveraging state of the art multi-platform software tools that allows us to REAL TIME view every aircraft to source the very best aircraft for your leasing requirements.

LEASE OR BUY... WHAT'S THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO FLY? Before you start scrutinizing any purchase arrangement, remember that owning a personal jet doesn’t just come with the fun of private flying freedom. After your initial capital outlay, expect to pay around $500,000 to $1 million in annual operation and operation costs: crew salaries, maintenance (routine and unplanned), aircraft insurance and hangarage ("parking" your plane in a hangar)… at a bare minimum. As the owner you have to cover everything, including the unexpected.

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