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If your utilization is low, and the local charter market is hot, should you consider placing your aircraft on charter?

Perhaps you own a business jet and have been thinking about making it available for charter.

Determining whether it is in your best interest to charter your jet demands a personalized analysis of your goals, flying schedule, and type and age of the plane. The forthcoming answer to this specific question is different to every client; based on the make and model of plane, how much they fly and how many charters they accept.

If done under the correct circumstances, placing an aircraft on an operator's charter certificate can be a win-win situation. The owner gets revenues to offset costs, and the charter provider gets an aircraft to charter without having to fully support the costs of owning and operating the aircraft with charter revenues. However, don't go into it without carefully researching all the requirements and conditions, especially legal and tax.

Paper Airplane PAPER AIRPLANE INC. has proudly aligned itself with an Argus Platinum rated Charter Operator with over 30 years of being in business. They have proven expertise in generating revenue with private aircraft.

Please do not hesitate to email us today with any questions and we will be happy to review with you, your specific needs and determine case by case if chartering is the right option for both you and your asset.

Do not let mismanagement "Pop Your Bubble", maximize your asset's earning potential.

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